What’s all this nonsense?

It began with a small group of close friends and family designing and delivering their nonsense in the early, exciting days of independent alternate reality games. We created a handful of games and interactive experiences under the names Funnel Productions and Pistolsniffer Industries, building silly worlds full of interconnected lore and transmedia tales for a small (but committed) audience.

In 2015, at the NBC/Universal Hackathon, we joined other creators to design an original game concept and working prototype, winning the creative challenge for the event.

Finally “founded” in 2021, Interactive Nonsense, LLC now creates immersive experiences through live performances, set design, original games for the web and mobile devices, transmedia storytelling, and more.

In 2022, we built and produced ZouBou Dream Dealer, an interactive imagination experience at the Orlando Fringe Festival, selling out shows and impressing audiences with our “nifty and atmospheric design,” (Matt Palm, Orlando Sentinel).

In 2023, we supported Suture Bowl at the Orlando Fringe, providing set design and fabrication support to help maximize a black box theater space for this raucous and hilarious faux-game-show.

Our next project is a not-just-for-kids picture book call Another Dog, coming soon to e-readers, tablet devices, and print.